The Teacake Factory‎ is not the usual boutique bakery now seen on almost every block. We are not the usual coffee shop or the usual tea room either. We are an amalgamation of those things and more.

Of course teacakes are our claim to fame, as far as we know we are the only establishment in the Houston area that not only makes teacakes by hand, we make them in more than 20 flavors. These are not your grandma’s teacakes, unless Granny made peanut butter and jelly teacakes, M&M, mango, lemon, butter pecan teacakes, etcetara.

And what does one drink with that teacake?‎

Tea goes well!

We have 25+ different flavors of tea, in tea bags and loose leaf, many of them organic, and all of them are good hot or cold. And they can be ‘designed’ with shots of flavored syrups, fruit bubbles, or tapioca. Also, they come in three easy sizes — small, medium and large. No pseudo sophisticated labels!

Oh by the way, any our coffees, smoothies, or frappes go just as nicely with a teacake. Give it a try.

Besides teacakes we have a multitude of other bakery items – – cup cakes, cake pops‎, macaroons, and cakes and pies sold whole or by the slice.. And anything you’d like us to bake especially for you.

This brings us to our designer cakes! Bring us a picture, sketch or just an idea and we will discuss it in a personal consultation. There are times it can be handled over the phone, with the image sent by text, the price paid on a credit card, and all you have to do is come pick it up or even have it delivered.

If we can’t bake the cake you had in mind, we will tell you why not and suggest alternatives that are ‘do-able’. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, engagement cakes, we bake them all. We like a challenge, but never promise something we can’t deliver.

Do you have dietary restrictions? Allergic to eggs? Milk? Nuts? Or are you a Vegan with a strong social conscious?  Not only can we bake gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, eggless, etc, but it will be a cake you can serve all your party guests! No more separate cakes for those suffering allergies. We make your life simple.

And lastly, our new shop (we were in Town Center for years) is built specifically to make our customers feel it’s a special place. From the patio furniture outside to the high top tables hidden behind a big potted plant in the back of the shop, we are the place to linger longer or pick up in a hurry. We have a basket of kittens to keep the little customers occupied, our bathroom is as clean as our kitchen, and we even have a rack of giftware that is ever changing with new items added whenever we find something interesting..

The Teacake Factory is a special place. And if you don’t agree, tell us, we will work on it.


Upcoming Events & Community Involvement

Custom Cakes

Take a look at some of our amazing custom cakes. At the Teacake Factory we are able to prepare pastries and cakes for your next party. From a simple get together to Birthdays and Weddings we can help make your next social event the sweetest it can be.

We are able to accommodate special dietary needs such as:

  • Gluten Free
  • Eggless
  • Sugar Free
  • Dairy Free

Give us a call at (281) 565-0966 to special order your custom cake today!

Fantastic Job!

I ordered a custom strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and it was delicious! Everyone enjoyed the cake even my dad who NEVER eats cake. The cake theme was minnie mouse and they did a fantastic job recreating the cake from a picture I found online. I will definitely order cakes from the Teacake Factory in the future.

Dawn Steph
So delicious!

I'm in love with the orange cranberry scones. So delicious!

Jenna Loesch
Why Not Stop in and Treat Yourself?

I'm so happy this newest location is closer to my home. The cafe' is very quaint. The employees always greet me with a smile. Their mini chocolate and coconut cream pies are delicious. With a complete coffee bar and beautiful assortment of tea cakes, why not stop in and treat yourself?

Brenda Brown


We are always here for you